29.03.2010 Galerie M, Berlin
23.04.2010 Galerie M, Berlin
28.04.2010 Galerie M, Berlin

After the Container closed down, I decided to use part of the exhibition space in Gallery M to give to the community of Container a new place to continue the activities previously held in the Kiezhaus.
My intention was to emphasize the transparency of the Gallery M building, turn it into a ‘transparent’ meeting point and give to its activity as much visibility as possible. This way I aimed to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of the area and of visitors to the locality, and to offer an opportunity to get involved.
Alongside the exhibition, I organized workshops with women of different nationalities.
The work was a way to find a universal language of commitment, patience and tolerance, and art was a tool to recount stories of real life.

 Transparent Rooms Exhibition 
 Landing in Dreamland 
 Wishes are flying up to the stars