Parallel Worlds I, 2013 
Video, 03:03 min. (loop)

Last year I started to use slower ways of travelling after a decade of flying to different locations. During these slow journeys I began to record a series of videos about my vision and the ways how I actually look at the world.
The videos are recorded with digital camera, but the record itself is left "analogue" in the sense that once the image is recoded it is not further computer-manipulated except for cutting the sequence. The two camera views that at the first look appear to be "separate" are recorded simultaneously with a help of a small mirror. These fragments are not copied, reversed and added later to be a part of the same sequence.
Because of this “analogue” approach the sequence preserves the beauty of an artistic, “humane” and “home-made” quality: the two images are running in parallel, but they are never completely perfectly symmetrical, just as my imagination about the coexistence of the parallel worlds.