Some artists are subversive are shamans are real scientists, 2010 
Site specific Installation, Institute für Raumexperimente, Pfefferberg, Berlin

In the installation of "Some artists are subversive are shamans are real scientists" has a swing in the centre of the room and two videos that simulate the swinging sensation – from the floor, over
the panelled sides and trees and into the sky, evoking a combination of euphoria and fear.

Hungarian mythology divides the world into three spheres: the
"upper world" (Fels?világ) in which the gods live, the "political world"
(Középs?világ) in which we live, and finally the "underworld" (Alsó világ).
In the centre stands a tree that connects all three of these worlds. The
top of this "world tree", or "tree of life" (Világfa/Életfa) is located in the
upper world, its trunk is in the middle world, and its roots are in the
The "world tree" was the starting point for the swing installation in the
underworld. In her temporary installation for the vaulted cellar in the
Pfefferberg complex, Tímea Anita Oravecz has chosen the image of a
tree as a binding element between the three worlds.
As an artist, she sees herself as a focal point within her own cosmos and,
like the shamans of the folk tales, she has the ability to move freely and
subversively between the worlds.
(Miriam Schoofs)