Changing Times, 2009 
Performance, video documentation, 08:36 min, loop
Sound: Pierre De Geyter: The Internationale; Beethowen: Ode to joy

This is a work which refers to my previous works, that I made apropos of the 20th anniversary of the regime change. During the performance I am painting a red star (the symbol of the ex Soviet Union) on the wall in garffiti style, then I am repainting this red star into yellow, (which symbolizes the European Union). Then I am repainting the yellow star into red again, the red one into yellow again, etc. When I am painting the red star the Internazionale music can be heard, and when painting the yellow star you can hear the "Ode to Joy", music by Beethoven, the EU anthem.
Both music express the Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. I express my personal experience by painting these stars. Even though the political system and the anthem changed, life does not seem to be better, it is just different.