L’ombra delle cose. (the shadow of things), 2016
Site-specific installation at Galerie Wedding, Berlin
472 cm x 130 cm x 84 cm

The house is a fetishist symbol of bourgeoisie. One normally thinks that the house represents a „safe harbor “from everyday problems, but often one remains imprisoned in the insane urge to own more and more. Our lives seem to be now dominated by a kind of „bulimia“ in which we accumulate relentlessly and then throw it all away within a short time . The installation would be a monument against capitalist society that claims to dominate the man providing it with unnecessary goods and, at the same time, erasing his real freedom and forcing him to go into debt to pay even his own home.

The objects are not acquired by necessity but because they represents a „status symbol “ within the bourgeois society. The artist was inspired by the works of Georges Perec, György Lukács and Michel Foucault and their anti – consumerist theories.“
(Timea Anita Oravecz)