Exhibition Transparent Rooms - nach hause ? 
 Gallery M, Municipal Gallery Marzahn, Berlin   
 28.03 - 07.05.2010 

During one and a half years I worked with the community of Kiezhaus Container in Marzahn and I developed a project including workshops, videos, photos and installations.
During the same period, the Council of the District of Marzahn made the decision to close the Kiezhaus Container by the end of 2008.
Many foreign women, most of them Vietnamese, had been long unemployed and lived their daily lives apart from the German population. The Container represented a possibility for them to become a part of a community. Through collaboration, work, discussions about personal worries and problems, as well as through travels and other moments shared with German women, they slowly came closer to the local culture and language.
After the Container closed down, I decided to use part of the exhibition space in Gallery M to give the community of the Container a new place to continue the activities previously held in the Kiezhaus.
My intention was to emphasize the transparency of the Gallery M building, turn it into a ‘transparent’ meeting point and give its activity as much visibility as possible.
This way I aimed to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of the area and of the visitors to the locality, in order to offer an opportunity to get involved.

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