Collages, 2018 
photo transfer and collage on paper
420 x 297 mm

The reflection on the communist ideal is another of the main themes around which the research of Tímea Oravecz is articulated. Born in Hungary, the artist grew up in Budapest during the years of socialism. In Colombia, the artist observes the traces of the Marxist-Leninist ideology that, together with Bolivarianism, inspired the formation of guerrilla organizations like the FARC (Revolutionary Armed. Forces of Colombia) in the 1960s.
The problem of applying the Marxist ideal to reality and its translation into action is represented by Oravecz in a series of collages, among them Gold, Paradise, Hell, Soldiers. In these works, the artist uses some pages of The Capital of Karl Marx, on which he highlights some chosen words and features images of the protagonists of South American history, of the Colombian war, the symbols of communism together with photos of his journey.
In this way, the artist suggests not only the incoherence between the Marxist ideal and its transposition into reality but also the problematic interweaving of responsibility and connivance.