Public Wardrobe, 2004 
Public Art / Action, District of Cartuja, Granada

Timea Anita Oravecz has made a public operation. The opaque and expanding physicality of the matter blocked from the outside, articulates itself around modest and ruined buildings, breaking into objects through a precarious assemblage. The Armadio Pubblico, does not actually exist anymore – perhaps it was once a series of photographs, left to remember an installation that exists elsewhere, a space of appropriation, a form of imagination alternate to the historical structure in the poetry of an art that begins in the city and tries to understand in what measure the political and social changes influence the shared space of participation and its various representations.
This operation is neither intended as a Beuys- style understanding (as a great social sculpture), nor as a form of relational art: it is a politically-cut activism (anti-global and anti-liberal) that brings into mind the primitive forms of exchange, the nostalgic utopias of the socreality and a provocation of an engagè conscience. A physical and intellectual wandering around the world in order to reflect its complexities.
(Elvira Vannini)