Today will never happen again, 2014
Site-specific Installation, Spreeufer, Boathouse, Berlin, 2014
Dimension variable
Photos © Balint Meggyesi

Today will never happen again deals with the transformation of the urban space and the connections between political, social and architectural contexts. It takes in consideration the area called „Holzmarkt“ (wood market) in Berlin which is located between Schilling and Michael bridges by the Spree. This area has undergone radical transformations over the centuries: the biggest royal market from the XVII to the XIX century, became an English gasworks factory from 1838-1930 and a parking area for the city cleaning company between 1930 and 1990. From 1990 to 2004 was kind of a „No man´s land“ between the former East and West Berlin. Nowadays, due to hectic plans of urban development the area is again at the core of the public debate. I tried to imagine how this area would be like in 10 years and I conceived an audio piece where an imaginary guide welcomes to Berlin a group of American tourists in the year 2024 and illustrates the area and the many amenities offered an imaginary tour operator. In combination with the audio guide I realized a camera obscura in the boathouse. Thanks to the camera obscura the landscape opposite the boathouse is projected upside down inside the room. While the guide comments upon all the many possible activities included in the tourist program, the overturning of the landscape reflects the radical transformations the area is undergoing, that will make it unrecognizable.