No Title, 2005 
Real time web projection from the Danube to Venice, Natural History Museum in Venice and from the Canal Grande to Budapest, Ernst Museum in Budapest

The window, an eye onto the outside world, is a recurring theme in Tímea Anita Oravecz's work, in the same manner as it is the thought of her city, Budapest, from which she has been absent for many years now.
From the window of her apartment she now sees Venice, a city she loves, but that she never distinguishes from her Hungarian capital hometown.
After all, connections between Venice and Budapest have always existed: in 1290 the Hungarian throne was given to Andrew III, a son of a lady from the Venetian Morosini family and many Venetians then moved to Hungary. The second largest lake in the country was called "The lake of Venice".
It is not unusual then that the artist, by using new technologies as means of expressing projects in real time: images of the Canal Grande onto the windows of the Ernst Museum in Budapest and those of the Danube onto the Natural History Museum in Venice.
In this way the artist connects the two cities, leaving their identities to specific sites, and preserves them from the ambiguous dreams of globalization that places the particular and the individual on the same level.