Camping Europa, 2014 
Installation view, SporKlubu, Berlin, 2014
Dimension variable
Photos © Balint Meggyesi

The installation reimagines the refugee tents and invites the viewer to enter a sort of urban underworld, which refers to the insufferable circumstances under which the immigrants that come to Europa from non-EU countries have to live under. I have set up an urban landscape painted in 360 degrees spread across the exhibition walls – which stands for the skyline of big European capitals like Berlin, London, Paris or Brussels. This circle is a symbol of a radical, centrifugal force which represents a vicious circle in which these immigrants are trapped. The floor in the interior of the installation is covered with a huge EU flag. And as these stars form a circle, on the ground, they also can be seen as drawing a kind of border-line; just as the real EU borders within which it is very difficult for somebody who is not coming from a “politically right” country to get. The people who visit the exhibition have two possibilities: they can stand either inside or outside of the circle. Just as in real life.