Videos, 2018 
Diego 9:24 min.
William 5:15 min.
John 5:26 min.
1920×1080, HDV, loop

In the three videos presented the artist records the testimonies of some people know during her trip. From each of these meetings happened in a casual way, a dramatic story is derived, full of violence and cruelty.
William, John and Diego talk about their more or less direct involvement in the events of the conflict, and through their personal stories emerges the sense of an irretrievably wounded collective memory. In the background of the interviews, the images of the cities of Bogotá and Medellín flow. In the shots taken from above, the artist embraces with a single glance the heavenly luxuriance of the Amazon forest and the city with its favelas and its poverty.
The relationship between the beautiful natural landscape, offensive operated by the man and the lost harmony between these two worlds, are among the main themes of the exhibition.