Who is the Shaman who stole the stars?, 2010 
Off-site performance on the roof of the Czech Center, New York

Modern shamans believe it is possible to put humanity back in touch with nature, the earth and the stars, healing not only individuals but also accomplishing global harmony.
Hungarian religion was a form of Tengriism, a shamanistic religion common among the early Turkic, Uralic and Mongol people who lived a nomadic lifestyle.
Each of these flags symbolizes one of the inhabited continents. During a performance on the roof of the Czech Center, Oravecz cut out astral symbols from all of them, flying them back to the sky where they belongs via helium-inflated balloons. Oravecz’s point of departure is often her personal history. Starting from her identity as an immigrant she considers, on a larger scale, the migrating phenomenon from an emotional point of view by tracing a map of the difficulties and states of mind that this condition involves in daily life.
She is interested in the conflict between bureaucratic procedures and individual needs, starting from the inner confrontation between personal identity, cultures of origin and the need for integration.
(Marco Antonini)